I’m Denise and I live at Birmingham Road with Maureen,Olive, Mark and Roger.  We all decided to go to Blackpool for our holiday this year.  The hotel was pretty big and we had breakfast and our evening meal there.  It was on the front so we had a lovely sea view!  During the day we would have fish and chips on the beach or a burger in a seaside café.  Even though it was chilly, it didn’t stop any of us having fun!

The hotel had entertainment every night and so come 8 o’clock…..we all put our glad rags on and had a boogie to the disco or a sing song on the Karaoke!  Mark was great on the Karaoke and had everyone singing to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone!’.

We did the whole tourist thing and went to the pleasure beach and Madame Tussauds.  Roger pretended he was on ‘I’m a Celebrity’ and put his head by some bugs!  – He wasn’t that brave though because the bugs weren’t real!

Me, Maureen and Olive looked very elegant when going down to the bar in the evening.  It’s always nice to dress up occasionally.

There was so much to do we could barely fit it all in!  Sarah, Sabina and Joan who came with us had as much fun as we did.  It was so lovely to be away from everything and to hear the sea and feel the sand beneath my feet.

Back home now and already we are thinking of where to go next year but I think we are all agreed that we would like to go in the summer months when it’s a little warmer!