Our first Dignity workshop took place on Monday 29th March 2019.

The workshop is an initiative of our Ambassadors programme put into place to support our team to promote Dignity in our workplace.

Lots of discussions took place where we actively discussed a range of issues such as:


A personalised service

Listening to and supporting people expressing their needs

Respecting privacy

The right to complain without fear of retribution

Engage with family members and other health professionals

Maintain the confidence and self-esteem of our service users

Supporting our service users with the same respect as you would for your family.

Enable people to maintain their independence, choice and control.

We facilitated the process with flash cards to give examples of practice and documentation, this led into a discussion as to what was wrong/right and how it should have been practiced/documented.

The role play was an interesting way to explore Dignity, as this really homed in on what good practice looked like to individuals and the varying thoughts on the approach. We engaged in questions and quizzes to help understand how we would feel in certain situations that our service users might find themselves in.


Feedback from staff that attended:

“it was fun and I learned things that I didn’t know, just the little things but it was good to know”

“Great session”

“enjoyed and gained knowledge”

“happy with the session”

“very well spoken, presented and delivered”