What we do

Service Users

At Initial assessments it is important to become more open and inclusive and as such our paperwork and documentation reflect this. We seek guidance from Stonewall charity to ensure that the terminology we use is most current and appropriate.

Once service users are placed with us; we have Person Centred Care plans which include a specific area for our LGBT service users.

For the those who have not come out yet or feel confused as to their identity we meet regularly with them and gently tap into LGBTQ+ to encourage/support a disclosure in order for us to meet their needs appropriately.

LGBTQ+ workshops/resident meetings

We seek professional help for those with fluctuating capacity to support them to appropriately discuss their sexual and gender identity. For those who are confused about their identity we support them to various organisations who can support them through their journey.

Safeguarding & Hate crime policies information is provided to our service users’ so they are able to keep themselves safe and protected.


Our staff team discuss LGBTQ+ at Staff meetings to promote openness/transparency. Equality & diversity training for all employees inc LGBTQ+ awareness.

We provide access to Counselling service for employees who are struggling with their identity, or need support coming out.

Serving our Community

We have guides available for same sex parenting to support staff and service users alike. Our care plans are formulated using a variety of resources to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of the people we support and serve. Age UK and Dementia UK guides and resources are utilised to support our service users explore personal relationships these are key to our dementia service users and staff families who may also be affected by Dementia.

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