Starting the Year on the right foot 2019

Ambassadors and Champions programme

The year has certainly start- ed on a high note at Care- view Services.

A change in structure at the end of 2018 has seen a positive acceleration in 2019.

At the beginning of the year a lot of energy has gone into improving the service and innovating the care proposition.

Indi, launched the Ambassadors and Champions pro- gramme of work. This work involves a number of streams to edge us forward,

We have a Mental Health First Aider supported by a Befriending service and Employee Assistance Pro- gramme run by Health As- sured.

This stream of work is led by Irram Ali and Rachel Alexander.

Our Dementia programme is being led by Kerry Walker and Jane Perkins. This stream of work will focus on community engagement, building relationships, creating dementia friendly homes and working with staff to help our dementia clients live a fuller life.

Autism, can be very subtle,

undiagnosed and our clients can be affected by autism in a mild way. However on the other side we have clients who are autistic and have high level sensory needs. Our Autism champion Laura Winmill and Kim Brady they are working towards advanced training to support the staff and clients with a key feature being the sensory environment.

Dignity in care is a major stream of work as this is something we all should be and are engaging in daily. Our dignity stream of work is not only a sense check of what’s taking place but also a tool for empowering cli- ents to take control of their lives and outcomes achieved. Led by Nicola Griffiths and Shahana Ah- med.

We have always been on a health drive here at Care- view especially as we have a Director obsessed by health and fitness. As such our health well-being stream is being led by Indi and Jamie Purewal. The focus with this work is nutrition management and planning along with sports and recreation. So we will be working very closely with the activities

team. The aim will be creative approaches to everyday life.

Last but not least a demand- ing stream of work is being championed by Chelsea Butler alongside Aaron Morris and Raman Deep Aulak. This team has worked dili- gently on creating, executing and managing jam packed activity schedule. This work requires a tenacious attitude and the team have put on some fabulously engaging events over the months. From discos, to pan- cake day to come dine with me.

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