Individualised care will be delivered through a comprehensive needs assessment before service commences.  If a full assessment of needs has been completed by a social or healthcare professional before a request for service has been received we may not need to complete our own assessment.

A detailed care plan will be developed, in conjunction with individuals, their families and other key stakeholders, before any service starts.

If individuals are referred for a residential placement we will facilitate visits to the home so that people can familiarise themselves with the home.  This will enable them to take an informed decision about whether they wish to live in the home or not.

Everybody for whom we provide a service will have a named key worker. They will be the first point of contact for the individual or their families if there are any aspects of the service they are not happy with or if they have any questions that require answers.  They will also ensure that all identified needs are met.  These include spiritual, cultural, physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs.

Communication between the service managers, the individual, their families and other key stakeholders is a strong feature of our service.  Each individual will have a minimum of two formal reviews each year.  Important people in the life of the individual will be invited to these meetings.

People supported by any of our services will all be encouraged, given guidance and stimulation, as appropriate to their needs, in all aspects of their daily lives.  They will be supported by trained staff at all times that service is being provided.

In meeting individuals needs strong links will be maintained and where necessary developed, with the local community social care team and health professionals.Family and friends will be included, as appropriate, in planning and other aspects of individuals’ lives.

Contact with family and friends will be actively encouraged and facilitated provided that this is in line with the individual’s wishes.


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